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10 Tips for Parents To Teach Children How To Deal with Bullying

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10 Tips for Parents To Teach Children How to Deal with Bullies 
1. Role play effective body language that communicates confidence and discuss grooming as it relates to feeling proud and how others perceive us.
2. Role play tactical communication skills. Discuss being positive, having empathy and ready made responses to bullying comments.
3. Practice problem solving and objective thinking - how to stay calm under stress so your child can act, rather than react. 
4. Teach your child how, who and when to tell school officials (teachers, counselors, etc.)
5. Reassure your child that you support their safety and can work with school officials to help you handle situations discretely without embarrassing them.
6. Clearly define healthy limits for behavior, especially physical contact and what a child is empowered to do in self-defense (especially how it relates to school policy and "getting in trouble".
7. Define the difference between avoiding and walking away and giving the wrong signals to the bully.
8. Create a feeling of trust and open communication without judgement by listening and responding in a calm, reassuring manner to anything your child has to tell you.    
9. Spend time with your child and develop his or her social skills, sense of humor, self-esteem, and inner strength.
10. Consider taking martial arts classes together as parent and child to build life skills, confidence and practical - peaceful self defense options.  
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USA Martial Arts Phoenix AZ is committed to community awareness, working in tandem with our local schools and through community events, in order to promote a safe environment for our children.

For more information on how your child can learn our proven method to prevent bullying contact:
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