Thursday, March 17, 2011

Phoenix Martial Arts School Specializes in Teaching Children & Building Confidence

Kids Love Martial Arts - Parents Love The Lessons
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More than your typical corner Karate dojo, soccer or kids after school activity, a new program is catching on with Phoenix kids and their parents.  

KIDS LOVE MARTIAL ARTS is a personal development children's enrichment program that uses martial arts as a tool for developing self esteem, self-discipline, focus and coordination.  However, what makes it really different is that the learning is fun!  

"Nobody sits on a bench in our children's program.  Every kid is treated like a champion and future Black Belt.  Unlike other programs, they actually have to earn rank here but we equip kids with the tools they need to achieve and succeed.  They learn to love working hard and enjoying the benefits that come from good habits and a positive attitude." says owner John Nottingham

The Kids Love Martial Arts concept is unique in that it emphasizes universal benefits while offering high standards for martial arts instruction.  It's certainly not a commercialized belt factory or pay for a belt as you go program.  They still hold back students if not ready, do old fashioned push ups, break boards and even have rules strict rules for parents on the sidelines.    

Children in our program learn about their potential and discover their gifts through hard work.  We do not agree with the lowering of standards in the name of self-esteem, nor do we advocate the Drill Sergeant approach.  Sure some parents don't like us, but we take it as a badge of honor.  We're not for everyone.  We're advocates for the kids, not for bad parenting.  It isn't just about making money to us, this is our mission.", said Nottingham, 6th Degree Master Instructor.

Nottingham and his Phoenix based martial arts school staff must be doing something right having produced numerous champions in martial arts as well as in life.   The program's success is based on Nottingham's experience as a former soldier and in teaching over 10,000 students with his staff.  "You learn a lot if you pay attention to results. Parents and teachers notice.", he says.  

Parents can take advantage of a WEBSPECIAL and get a free uniform right now.  

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