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Phoenix Karate Kids Learn More Than Just Kung Fu Moves and Taekwondo Kicks

Phoenix Karate Kids Learn More Than Just Kung Fu Moves and Taekwondo Kicks From Arizona USA Martial Arts School

This Team of Karate Senseis Do More Than Teach... They Lead By Example

If you are like many Phoenix parents concerned with what appears to be a decline of family values, American patriotism, personal responsibility, courteous manners, kindness and good old fashioned common sense, USA Martial Arts Phoenix might be the answer for your children.

Founded by John Nottingham an Army  veteran who served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit, an Eagle Scout, and 7th Degree Black Belt Hall of Fame Master, his Phoenix martial arts school emphasizes character.

"Our school stands for something far beyond just the kick, punch and throw.  Although we have developed numerous champions in the martial arts, our greatest mission is to develop outstanding leaders for the future.", says Nottingham, owner of USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

He continues, "Children today are exposed to millions of messages that are counter to being a person of virtue.  We create an environment in our Phoenix Martial Arts school that rewards honor, integrity and reinforces having character, rather than being a character."

Award-Winning Staff of Black Belt Role Models
Nottingham's award-winning team of instructors and Black Belts receive seven times the amount of training as is the martial arts industry average.  Instructors at his Phoenix Martial Arts school first must excel in the martial arts, then they must learn how to teach the discipline to men, women and children of all ages and abilities in a safe and effective manner.

"Our instructors lead by example in health, fitness and character.", states Nottingham who is currently training for a marathon as part of his 7th Degree Black Belt test.

Instructor Steve Caprara is a national champion in Karate and holds multiple Black Belts including Taekwondo.  A gifted teacher with both children and adults, he encourages excellence in home, school, work as well as in his classes.

Instructor Robert Summers, a former bull rider and Kenpo stylist, now Taekwondo Black Belt and USA Martial Arts Instructor.  A family man who wins the hearts of his students with his talent and enthusiasm.  He is also a Tactical Instructor in Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, a bodyguard training and services company.

Instructor Don Gray is veteran who served in Iraq, a former Jr. Olympic Taekwondo Champion as well as a Modern Army Combatives Level II Instructor.  He has been with Master Nottingham for 18 years and carried on their martial arts family tradition of serving in the military and teaching hand-to-hand combat.

The USA Martial Arts Instructors have experience in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing and continue to learn. The USA Martial Arts staff mantra is, "Always a student, sometimes an instructor."  They subscribe to what they refer to as "the 3L philosophy" which stands for Life Long Learners.  They have trained in seminars and professional teacher training with the likes of UFC Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn, UFC Champ Lyoto Machita, Matt Hughes and many others.

A Martial Arts Tradition of Excellence
This is a traditional school in the virtues and system they preserve, however, they are not bound by it.  USA Martial Arts Phoenix integrative martial arts curriculum is probably best described as traditional mixed martial arts for self defense.  With elements from Taekwondo (Tang Soo Do), Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Karate and Kung Fu, students have lots of opportunity for education and personal growth. The students earn authentic traditional rank in addition to the very best practical MMA skills in a positive environment.  The school regularly brings in Grandmasters, Champions and specialists to expose students to more disciplines as well as allow them to specialize, a unique concept in classical martial arts.

USA Martial Arts Mission - Enrichment for Children and Adults
USA Martial Arts Phoenix works in cooperation with local schools, home school groups and community churches providing a nurturing environment of encouraging martial arts instruction to children in order to instill good citizenship and noble virtue in their lives. Academics, self discinpline, and citizenship are emphasized and the highest rank in the school is "the parent belt". But it's not all serious. The instructors make it really fun by using skill drills, games and positive reinforcement for demonstrating martial arts virtues such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.

Winner Best of Phoenix 
They must be doing something right because the awards and accolades continue to come in.  Not only are they popular with Phoenix kids and parents but they also won Best of Phoenix from the NEW TIMES.  Students even get the opportunity to travel and train in Asia, including trips to Korea and the Shaolin Temple in China.

USA Martial Arts I Love Kickboxing Phoenix!
USA Martial Arts is also the official representative of IMPACT K3 Kickboxing Phoenix, Phoenix Hottest Kickboxing Workout. Recently exploding on the scene with GROUPON, IMPACT K3 Kickboxing Phoenix teaches men and women real Kickboxing to get in the best mental, physical and emotional shape of their lives.  This is something the gym just can't offer from Black Belt Kickboxing Instructors, Real Boxing Gloves, Heavy Bags, Partner Drills, Mits, Shields, and 2" SWAIN Olympic Mats in a music thumpin, sweat pourin, high energy workout facility.


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Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721
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