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Family Values Taught to Children At Phoenix Martial Arts School

"Maverick Martial Arts School Instructor Reveals His Simple Step-by-Step Plan to Build Your Child's Character and Confidence to Make Him a Leader in His School!" 

No matter your child's current situation, the "Black Belt Success System" martial arts leadership life skills plan will show your child exactly how to achieve success in school and life - read on to find out how...
From: John D. Nottingham, (a.k.a., the "Maverick Martial Arts Instructor") Karate Kids Kung Fu Kids Children Taekwondo
Wednesday 07:21pm

Dear Phoenix Parent,
If you're like me, you're concerned about raising kids with solid values in todays changing world. 
What if you could reinforce the values that you as parents teach at home? 
Just think...
An Amazing Phoenix Kids Martial Arts Class Not Only Teaches Kids Self Defense... But Gives Them The Tools They Need For Success In Life...

Once you see this step-by-step martial arts leadership success plan and learn the *right* method of teaching mental, emotional and physical self defense, your child will never be the same again.

"This Kids Karate Program 
Transformed My Son's Life!..."
"I'd like to know the percentage of Martial Arts schools that honestly and sincerely
teach virtue, code of honor and back it up in the behavior of the staff and students. That's why I chose USA Martial Arts when I was looking for a school to enroll my son. I passed six other martial arts schools because of the balanced emphasis on character and what I saw in the instructors."

-Ms. Karen Tucker,

Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

From focusing, to goal setting, to self discipline, to self respect --- kids emerge from this program changed for the better.  
And their parents couldn't be happier... 

No prior martial arts experience is required - we specialize in beginners.  All you need to do is click the WEBSPECIAL link and follow the directions. And, using our methods you won't need a big commitment of time or money to get started. (They will have to work for their belt rank advancement - USA Martial Arts Phoenix is NOT a McDojo or Belt Factory.)

John D. Nottingham, 6th Degree Black Belt
Author, "How To Instill Noble Values in Children "
Martial Arts Instructor "Maverick Martial Arts Teacher"
But Before I Go On, Let Me Introduce Myself...
My name is John D. Nottingham, and I'm a dedicated martial arts teacher now for over 25 years, an Eagle Scout and served in an Airborne Army unit.
For years, I've been teaching children how build character, integrity, discipline all with inner-strength, to stand up for what they believe in.  I've traveled the world and studied with the best of the best and developed my own "maverick" programs - using politically incorrect methods that fly in the face of the standard industry advice.
You may have seen me or my instructors on Channels 3,5,10,12,15, Good Morning Arizona, The AZ Republic, SWEAT, TKD Times Magazine, KONO, The Korean Eagles Team, or from one of our many community and charity programs.
Because the methods I teach are designed to help you raise rock-solid kids with noble virtue in a very rapidly changing world.  Here are just some of the TENETS my students say at the beginning of every class. (Where a giant American flag is proudly displayed to reinforce patriotism. (And no I won't apologize for teaching my students to say the Pledge of Allegiance.)

USA Martial Arts Virtues
It's Time You Knew the Truth About How to Select a Sport or Activity for Your Child - Especially A Martial Arts School

What Makes USA Martial Arts Phoenix Different?
  • No Fat Lazy Masters or Coaches - Our Instructors are required to be healthy, fit and strong. They are required to pass a random physical fitness test.
  • No Cocky Instructors - Our teachers lead by example & train as students. You won't see bragging or strutting in front of students with cut off sleeves like show offs.
  • No Kids as Instructors - Our instructors are experienced, trained professionals
  • No Paper Tigers - No drill sergeant attitudes or false humility - instructors earn vetted rank recognized in Asia and around the world.
  • No McDojo - Teachers lead the way and can have practical skill - the ego is checked at the door.  Children, Youth and Adult rank is separated so you won't see egocentric 8 year old "Back Belts" barking orders or greed motivated advancements.  Students have the right to fail or succeed in our program.  We believe it builds character and determination. 
  • No Belt Factory - Every Rank is earned - especially Black Belt (our test is over a week long and certification is documented, signed by authentic Masters and recognized worldwide)  It is difficult to earn a USA Martial Arts Black Belt, but well worth it. Make no mistake, this is not a "pay and automatic promote" program.  
  • No corner Karate Dojo lies - our instructors train, compete and test in Korea, China and with authentic Grandmasters (not business alliances of "self esteem boosting" paper tigers.) We're currently planning a training trip to Japan.  We don't need to distort or exaggerate our credentials.
  • No Bullying Intimidation disguised as tradition - student safety governs every decision.  The physical, mental and emotional well being are important in our Academy.
  • No Self Promoted Belts or "purchased rank" - Instructors lead by example or are removed from the school (look around locally - you can see some self-proclaimed "Masters" teaching who didn't meet our high standards)
  • Not Everybody Likes Us - other schools are jealous, others try to copy us.  Some parents are angry because we wouldn't automatically promote their kid or keep our standards.  We don't apologize for fact, we're proud of it.
  • Each instructor is first aid certified and required to have a background check THEN they receive hundreds of hours of professional teacher training to maintain certification as USA Martial Arts teachers.  (See if any other school even comes close.)
We believe in the traditional values of martial arts.  Each day we work on ourselves to reduce ego, to be strong on the inside and mild on the outside.  Our values dictate that we lead by example and live our values in daily life.

Find Out What Satisfied Phoenix Parents Have Said About "USA Martial Arts Kids Love Martial Arts Phoenix"...

"This Kids Karate Program 
Transformed My Son's Life!..."
"We must have visited every school in the area, and for us there was no comparison. USA Martial Arts is clearly the best."

~Dr. Tim & Cathy Lukavsky

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