Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor Offers Verbal Judo for Bullying Prevention

Hello my name is John Nottingham of USA Martial Arts Phoenix. As part of our community outreach program we are offering our Bullying Prevention Verbal Judo Tongue Fu Training. These are some of the same concepts and strategies that have been around for nearly 30 years and taught to thousands of Police Departments and Law Enforcement officers.

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Clever Comeback Line Using Verbal Judo Tongue Fu

Not only am I a 6th Degree multiple Black Belt holder but I own a Security and Bodyguard training company. I don't state that to impress you, but to impress upon you that I can help. My team and I have been teaching these concepts to military, bouncers, doormen, security officers and others for decades because they work.

  • Did you know that over 700,000 Police Officers have been trained in Verbal Judo?
  • Did you know that the founder Dr. George Thompson was a professor, Police Officer and martial arts Master? He founded Verbal Judo on the non-violent strategies of ancient martial arts self-defense wisdom.
Our BULLY PROOF VEST program teaches the 3 Shields of Protection and is specifically designed to train children in how to de-escalate, deter and defend would-be bullying situations. They learn to derail an escalating bullying situation using verbal skills that are proven in the field.

In This Bullying Prevention Program Children Learn:

  • How to stay centered, calm and emotionally separated from the situation
  • How to respond rather than react to insults, taunts, exclusion or manipulation
  • How to recognize anger triggers and avoid them
  • How to retain their dignity and help themselves out of sticky situations
  • How to stay strong, show confidence and be socially assertive without being aggressive
Included are role playing scenarios where children learn how people make decisions and judgments based on first impressions. They learn to use humor, and project inner-strength to not appear as good targets for bullying. Children learn to use appropriate responses through verbal judo practice and clever comeback lines.

In our Bullying Prevention program, children learn to become more self-aware and how others may perceive them. This goes a long way in helping them understand self defense skills that transcend bullying protection and extend into other areas of personal safety.

This Bullying Prevention Program is Designed To Work in the Real World:
  • Bullying Prevention at the Playground
  • Bullying Prevention in and Around School
  • Bullying Prevention around Their Neighborhood
These Bullying Prevention Skills are designed for practical use and are taught in a simple, fun, step-by-step format. Plus because we are martial artists and do an exciting demonstration, children pay attention and retain lessons longer. It sure can spice up your next school assembly, meeting or discussion on Bullying Prevention.

If you are interested in learning our unique method of Bullying Prevention including our pre-contact Verbal Judo tactics, contact us at


USA Martial Arts Phoenix is a proud member of The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative "Phoenix Bully Proof Project" and the Bullying Prevention Initiative International.

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