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5 Things You Should Know About Bullying That Schools Aren't Telling You

The Politically Incorrect Dirty Secrets of The Anti-Bullying Movement

1. Over 85% of Bullying Goes Unreported
Despite Schools best intentions and efforts, there will always be bullying they cannot control. We'll tell you exactly what to do about it to protect your child. Learn the difference between actual security and security theater.

2. The majority of the school anti-bullying programs were developed first to limit the school's liability. Where does that leave the child's safety? Shouldn't children's safety be the FIRST priority?

3. None of the most commonly used bullying prevention programs were developed by professional protectors. Think about it. The good news is that our bullying prevention program program was.

Did you know that the majority of bullying takes place while not in the presence of teachers?

4. Most of the bullying programs taught in schools were developed with a political, legal and social agenda - not a safety agenda for your children. Furthermore some advocate hampering constitutional rights of free speech. Others, often calling themselves "ANTI-BULLY" seek to vilify children with labels such as "bully" rather than identifying a behavior. What if your child is labeled a "bully"?

5. Schools often do not even address physical violence. The only answer most will give is to walk away or tell a teacher. How does this address the scenario of a child being physically abused? We believe every child has a fundamental God-given right to self-defense. Suspension or not, nobody has the right to harm your child. In the absence of practical physical de-escalation skills, children resort to what then know. Look at this example.

‎"With kids, being protected is doubly important because they can otherwise develop coping methods that are counterproductive. A wisdom from Nature applies: When the dominant do not protect the vulnerable, the the vulnerable seek to become dominant." -Gavin de Becker
Children can learn force appropriate options to protect themselves as a last resort. It is a skill that comes with proper step-by-step training. We can help.
The Truth About Bullying You Already Know From Life Experience
Remember that most teachers and school administrators were the kids who were bullied when they were in school. As adults, most still cannot successfully handle being bullied.* Are they the one's you want teaching your children how to avoid being bullied? You cannot give away or teach a skill that you do not have. Will you leave your child's safety in the hands of your child's school?

Keep in mind that this is the same kind of thinking that took action after the school shooting tragedies like the 1999 Columbine shootings. Their brilliant solution to preventing further shootings? Install millions of dollars worth of video cameras in schools across America.

The sad irony of it is that in bodyguard (close/executive protection) training I had to watch and analyze hours of frame-by-frame footage of school shootings from the VIDEO CAMERAS! The video cameras did NOTHING to prevent those school shootings. We were watching it after the damage took place. This is the flawed thinking and emotional placebo approaches that non-protectors implement.

While professional protectors were offering sage advice on preventing such matters, they often went unconsulted or worse, ignored for the feel-good band-aid efforts of terrified parents and teachers.

The same fear-based thinking and political agenda efforts yielded the security theater we all now endure at the airport. Rather than using proven methods of increasing security (such as training airline employes on PINS, Pre-Incident Indicators, and using the lesser expensive and more effective trained dogs) we now have exorbitantly expensive, line delaying, overly invasive scanners.

This same idea fairy is visiting the bullying prevention movement. For the thinking and more discriminating parent or teacher...

Here's the good news!
The Bully Proof Vest program is a practical method of bullying prevention developed with BODYGUARD STRATEGIES. These are the very same methods used to protect the President, Celebrity VIPS, Judges, and other high-profile clients. They are inexpensive, don't require the school or workplace buy an expensive program, are evidence based and updated.

These Bullying Prevention methods work and that's the bottom line. (They have been for over 25 years.)

To learn more about preventing bullying the smart way, contact
The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative on facebook
The Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project Training on Blogger
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Click Here

Here are some interesting Case Studies on Bullying Prevention

This section of the Resource Guide offers a look at what has been learned and accomplished, in five key areas, by the schools, districts and community-based organizations participating in The Colorado Trust’s Bullying Prevention Initiative (BPI):

  • Creating and sustaining a healthier social climate in schools and communities
  • Building collective commitment to address the bullying problem in partnership
  • Implementing prevention/intervention strategies that take into account not just the large majority of kids who neither bully or are bullied, but who witness bullying on a regular basis
  • Involving young people as active allies and advocates in bullying prevention efforts
  • Developing cultural competency strategies, skills and programs that are inclusive and enhance communication and relationship building.

To find out more about the initiative, click here.

* While we salute the efforts of schools and teachers for taking positive steps towards bullying prevention we simply wish to point out that it could be better. The prevalent systems are simply incomplete. Until and unless a bullying program takes into account the serious issue of physical harm and the need for appropriate physical intervention options, then the program is simply incomplete.

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