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Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor Teaches Peace Prior to Punches

How a Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor is Using a Peace Philosophy to Teach Children and Adults How To Prevent Bullying and Stand Up For What Is Right

One of the more common misconceptions about martial arts is that it teaches violence. At it's core, most traditional systems subscribe to a code of ethics and peaceful philosophy that promotes non-violence.

A true martial artist is probably the most peaceful person you will meet. Martial Artists work on understanding aggression, anger, and human conflict as well as study history and philosophy. These lessons instill in the martial artist both compassion and humility.

The battle avoided cannot be lost. -Sun Tsu
Defeat Bullying in Phoenix AZ
When most people think of martial arts they think of Karate kids throwing high kicks and punches. However, at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, Taekwondo Master Instructor John Nottingham and his staff are teaching people the Art of Peace and How To Defeat Bullying. Not only is Nottingham a 6th Degree multiple Black Belt holder but an owner of a law enforcement and bodyguard training company as well.

Phoenix Kids Learn Verbal Judo To Avoid Bullying
Our USA Martial Arts Phoenix school teaches VERBAL JUDO techniques to our students that we've been using for law enforcement for years. Through class instruction, school assemblies, seminars and role playing USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches at local schools, companies and anywhere they can share their positive message of avoiding violence and protecting others.

Verbal Judo Tactical Communication Redirects Negative Behavior
These lessons in Verbal Judo are called tactical communication and fit perfectly with our martial arts and self defense curriculum. It applies to men, women and children of all ages. Students learn:
  • What is bullying and the types of bullying
  • What are the warning signs for a bullying situation set up
  • How can I stop bullying when I see it
  • Reporting methods for bullying
  • Clever Verbal Judo comeback lines to stop bullying fast
  • What happens and what to do after Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo Reduces Conflict and Prevents Bullying
By equipping students with life skills and negotiation skills they can prevent verbal attacks from escalating. From issues of harassment and bullying, on the playground, at school or in the workplace, these tactical communication skills arm students with the tools and confidence they need to prevent verbal bullying attacks from escalating.

Field Tested Tactics:
Over 700,000 law enforcement officers have been trained in the tactics of verbal judo. These same techniques are now used everyday by children all over the Phoenix area. They are putting to use what they learn in our Verbal Judo classes to stop bullies in their tracks with just words.

Effective Communication:
Verbal Judo isn't just about stopping bullies and bad guys. These communication skills transcend all levels. We teach kids how to keep their cool when angry, how to respond appropriately to someone that is mad at them, and how to really listen to what others are communicating.

Peace Prior to Punches:
At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, we teach our karate kids not only how to defend themselves but when it is appropriate to do so. Using the Verbal Judo Five Steps, your child will know how to respond to various threat levels and also be able to defend their actions at school when faced with a bully.
If you would like to have USA Martial Arts Phoenix or John Nottingham come to your school, classroom or speak at an assembly or company contact

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