Sunday, November 6, 2011

Motivational Speaker & Bully-Prevention Specialist

Learn to Effectively End Bullying Behavior With Our Proven 5 Step Method -The Smart Way To Defeat a Bully Without Fighting...
John Nottingham is corporate keynote speaker who specializes in personal protection, conflict resolution, bully prevention programs. Offering bullying prevention programs for elementary, middle schools, high schools. Stop Bullying Assembly Speaker, Arizona Anti Bullying Assembly Speaker Phoenix
School Bullying
How to Handle BULLY Aggression
Bullies, Bullied, Bystanders and Bullying
Workplace Bullying
Bullying Facts
Bullying Myths

AZ Bullying Prevention Project:

Specializing in unforgettably inspiring presentations and speaking for all ages!

Is your company looking for an Arizona keynote speaker?

o Recognize crisis warnings signs
Interventions, strategies & tips.
o Find out how to make a difference
by preventing bullying at school
o Resources to Stop Bullying Now
an Improve the Life of Your Child
o Your bullying, drug awareness, and
children, teen, motivation assembly speaker.
o Free Tips and Help for Parents,
Resources for Schools. It Can Help.
o Stop Bullying in School! Program
For Grades K-6. See a Free Sample.
o What factors lead to bullying? Assess risk factors. Learn how

What Bodyguards Know About Bullying Prevention That Parents, Teachers and Children Should Too...

Bullying Statistics Report Over 85% of bullying goes unreported to teachers and parents. That's why we believe in arming children with the tools to recognize, prevent and protect themselves from the effects of bullying behavior.
  • Creating a Bullying Prevention School or Corporate Culture
  • Initiating Effective Reporting Mechanisms
  • The ABC's of Conflict Resolution for Self Defense
  • Avoiding Physical Confrontations
  • Verbal Judo To De-escalate bullying situations
  • Role Playing Bullying Scenarios
  • Bully Stopping Comeback Lines
  • Inspiring Others to Intervene and Become "Hallway Hero's"
  • Creating kindness, compassion and connection

John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest
How To Handle The Bully The Smart Way!
Best Practices | Evidence Based | Latest Research
John Nottingham's 5 Step Bullying Prevention Program is Proven To Prevent Bullying!
For over 30 years, John Nottingham has been teaching men, women and children how to handle conflict effectively and peacefully. From early detection, deterrence and de-escalation to personal protection self-defense, he can tailor training to your company, church, school or organization to suit your objectives.

An Eagle Scout, veteran, Bodyguard, 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor, John Nottingham is the founder of Nottingham Security Bodyguards and USA Martial Arts Phoenix. His instruction and public speaking has reached over 10,000 men, women and children over his career as a professional protector and instructor.
For more information contact 602.896.8721 email or visit
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