Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kickboxing With Phoenix Best Kickboxing Classes! As seen in Phoenix Groupon!

Kickboxing With Phoenix Best Kickboxing Classes!

You may have seen us featured on GROUPON or in Phoenix New Times as a Best of Phoenix Winner! 

K3 You'll Love Our KICKBOXING! K3 Kick Boxing PHOENIX ROCKS!
Phoenix Kickboxing Classes help you burn fat, lose weight, tone up fast!

Join a growing trend of people looking for something different that works for a lifestyle of fitness and getting into the best shape of their lives. If you're bored with the gym scene or looking for a way to be motivated, learning and fight fat, this is the bootcamp style kickboxing gym for you.

In our Phoenix Kickboxing Gym:
  • You'll learn Kickboxing from an actual Black Belt and Kickboxing coach, not some wanna-be personal trainer or gym rat who got their certification on a weekend course.  
  • You'll learn footwork, mechanics, timing, and challenge your entire body.
  • You'll learn step by step how to properly kick, punch, elbow, knee your way to the best kickboxing body of your life!
  • You'll build cardio, strength, flexibility and learn a cool skill safely.
  • You'll build confidence and inner-strength as you kickbox the heavy bag, work the mitts and cheer on your fellow kickboxers.
It all starts with a simple click here.  Transform yourself and begin your kickboxing adventure today!
You'll LOVE Our KICKBOXING at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
K3 Kickboxing at USA Martial Arts Kickboxing Kali Krav Maga Combatives Self Defense
4731 E. Greenway Rd. Suite 9 Phoenix AZ 85032
SW Corner of Tatum & Greenway in the Albertson's Plaza

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