Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bully Buster Bodyguard Teaches Children, Parents and Teachers New Way To Handle Bullies and Bullying

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Message from Bullying Prevention Initiative International Founder John Nottingham

Bullying, aggressive behavior, rude remarks, social aggression, and wielding of power have always been around and they won't be going anywhere soon.  The recent politically motivated so called anti-bullying movement attempting to "stop bullying" is taking a, not only misguided and destined to fail approach, but a potentially dangerous one as well.

Bullying is a self defense, parenting and counseling issue.

I was recently on a radio interview called Bully Busters as a call in expert (I would say specialist).  One self proclaimed experts spouted some fear inducing media sound-bytes and then proclaimed that "Bullying Must Stop! We need more laws and more rules to stop it."  The arrogance of the statement and this false and failed ideology is one of the reasons I created the Bullying Prevention Initiative International.

Bringing Common Sense and a Dose of Reality To Bullying Prevention
The idea that we can eradicate bullying with laws, posters and education is tantamount to saying we can create world peace if we just give these people enough power and money.  With respect to their good intentions, we should just put those promoting this on a bus and use this idea to create world peace.  It lacks any basis in reality of history, research or common sense, yet it is thriving.    

DARE, GREAT, STRANGER DANGER Witch Hunts & Alarmism, Now Anti-Bullying
These same types gave us DARE, GREAT, and the Stranger Danger movement.  Over a billion dollars spent and yet the research shows little to no effect, and in some cases, ill effects from those programs.  The fact is that this is not within their power and sadly, they ignore what is.  It is in our power to protect children by teaching them to respond to bullying appropriately.

Schools Can't Keep Your Kids Safe From Bullies
The Department of Justice own data on bullying offers no effective solutions for a child who is the target of a persistent bully.  Furthermore, the list of headlines on youth suicides, attacks, shootings and bullying incidents prove that the school system cannot be entrusted with your child's safety.  I see parents and children who the system has failed and have fallen through the cracks at my martial arts school and bullying prevention programs.  It is a parents responsibility to equip a child for the world we live in.

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and feed him for life."

Proof Positive That These Bullying Prevention Methods Work!
For over 26 years my team and I have successfully showed men, women and children how to prevent bullying, deal with bullying and thwart bullying attacks.  Now that culmination of experience and knowledge is put into a training program that can be learned via DVD, books, online streaming video, or best - live with one of our BPII trainers.   Now you can ARM your child with the inner-strength and tools to protect themselves against aggressive behavior, bullying and live a life free from those fears.

John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest
John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest curriculum gives children the advanced bullying recognition skills to spot a set up and the signs of bullying before it begins.  They are equipped with verbal judo strategies to handle themselves with a centered calm and walk away with dignity in tact.  They develop an unshakable confidence with non-violent, force appropriate self defense techniques that protect them and others in case of a physical attack.  

John Nottingham's Bully Proof and Self Defense methods have been featured in numerous schools and presented to thousands of children for over two decades and has an extraordinary success rate.  Featured on channels, 3, 5, 10, 12 and 15, Good Morning Arizona, The Arizona Republic and in various publications, John Nottingham is a recognized personal safety, bullying and self defense security expert (he say's "specialist").

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