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Bully Self Defense The Proven, Peaceful, Practical & Powerful Way

Bully Self Defense The Proven, Peaceful, Practical & Powerful Way

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Bullying In Arizona and America

Arizona has adopted one of the more expensive and ineffective bullying prevention programs.  On a regular basis we see children who have fallen through the cracks and need help with bullying.  "Their parents are desperate to get them help that provides practical solutions to real life bullying problems."  When your childs school anti-bullying program has failed, where can you turn?  Now you can have answers from professional protectors, not impotent, fearful professional pencil pushers.

Bullying has become a prevalent problem in American Society and a hot topic in Arizona.  

Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. Bullying can cause serious and lasting harm.

The three conditions need to exist to be categorized as bullying behavior:
  • Imbalance of Power: people who bully use their power to control or harm and the people being bullied may have a hard time defending themselves
  • Intent to Cause Harm: actions done by accident are not bullying; the person bullying has a goal to cause harm [This has since been called into question as a defining criteria.]
  • Repetition: incidents of bullying happen to the same the person over and over by the same person or group
Bullying Fact: Bullying is the #1 reason for absenteeism in schools.
What Are The Types of Bullying?
  • Physical: kicking, pinching, punching, slapping, poking, hitting, pinning, pulling, tripping, shoving 
  • Verbal: harassment, name-calling, teasing, taunting, insulting, mocking
  • Social: spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships 
  • Cyberbullying: using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to harm others

Founder Was Target of Bullying

Founder, John Nottingham was the target of bullying and understands the pain, anguish, and trauma bullying can cause.  That is why John is so passionate about this subject.  
Feeling bullied and powerless was one of the primary reasons John Nottingham joined martial arts.  

If you feel powerless, trapped and frustrated as the target of bullying in school, at home, in the street, and on the playground then you have found an ally in John Nottingham.

Once John started training with martial arts, the bullying stopped almost instantly.  Once you know how to protect yourself and have these Bully Proofing skills, it makes a difference.  You carry yourself differently, address people differently and see problems in a whole new way.  
The empathy, compassion from remembering the feeling of helplessness is what makes our instructors so motivated to help children like us who experienced bullying.

Teaching Control - Not Violence

Some bullying prevention methods encourage violence, that is being a bigger bully and teaching them a lesson.  They forget that this often makes things worse and can escalate a situation to very dangerous levels of force.  Some other martial arts systems teach higher violence against violence which can get children into serious trouble, including with the law. 

"Our techniques are derived from teaching bouncers, law enforcement and bodyguards how to intercept violence before it begins and neutralize it in the most peaceful way possible.  Just as we do for law enforcement, we reverse engineer bullying attack scenarios children face and make them age appropriate.  We use strategy, leverage, distraction and mechanics to resolve bullying attacks. They are simple, proven and step by step bully violence neutralization techniques, concepts and principles that de-escalate a self defense situation."

Bully Defense The Wrong Way

Many martial arts (and hand to hand combat systems) teach a child to react with striking such as punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. These are problematic with school policies, not camera friendly, and can cause serious damage to another child.  In our oppinion, the punitive and percussive methods also may have a higher likelihood of escalating violence, retaliation or revenge attacks. 

Bully Defense The Right and Responsible Way

The Bully Proof Vest Self Defense program starts by teaching children how to recognize danger and avoid it.  Then they learn to verbally defuse potentially violent situations, to stop an attack or fight before it starts. However, if attacked, our students know force specific restraining self defense techniques that are defensive, use no striking, and can non-violently neutralize a bully attack. 

Fighting Fire With Water Peaceful Bully Solutions

The confidence provided by the Bully Self Defense program teaches our students, as the John Nottingham says, “to fight fire, be water and extinguish the flames.”

What Makes Our Bullying Solutions Approach Unique?
  • Peaceful approach where physical intervention (self defense) is the last resort
  • Based on Proven Bodyguard Tactics
  • Builds The Individual's Confidence and Inner Strength
  • Encourages Empathy, Kindness and Courage
  • Force Appropriate So Children Don't Go Overboard (It protects both children)
  • Proven practical for over 25 years - research and evidence based
  • Fun teaching method that is age appropriate
  • Continually updated and improved
Get started today and ARM your child with self confidence and inner strength to life a life of happiness and peace of mind.  

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