Thursday, March 22, 2012

Phoenix Bullying Prevention Specialist offers Free Anti-Bullying Camp for Children

Bullies, Bullying, Bystanders, and the New Documentary BULLY

With the launch of the new documentary movie "Bully" more and more parents are seeking new ways to teach their children about how to handle bullying.  Many Arizona parents want to make sure their child is not being bullied or acting like a bully.  Phoenix Bullying Specialist John Nottingham is offering free Bullying Prevention workshops to Arizona children and their parents.

Bullying Specialist and Phoenix Martial Arts Master John Nottingham started the Arizona Bullying Prevention Initative - The Phoenix BullyProof Project to give children the tools to handle bullying the right way.  A law enforcement, bodyguard and military trainer, Nottingham gives them unconventional and practical concepts that equip them for handling aggressive behavior.

Every child needs to know how to stop bullying the right way or they might resort to the wrong way and make things worse, get in trouble at school or hurt another child and end up with costly legal troubles.  Not to mention the long term effects of emotional scarring that bullying can cause if left untreated.  If you are a Phoenix parent and want to know how to prevent bullying, harassment, being picked on, teased, and tormented, then you want John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest program.  
John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest prevents bullying by using the same techniques that bodyguards use to protect judges, celebrities, VIPs and even the President.  
"These conflict avoidance techniques work brilliantly for bullying prevention. They teach how to respond intelligently and appropriately rather than react and make bullying worse.", says Nottingham a 6th Degree Black Belt and owner of USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix. 
Nottingham's program and Bullying Prevention organization was founded because so many children were falling through the cracks of the school wide bullying prevention efforts.  He says his program empowers children rather than turning them into helpless victims caught in a complex mess.  Nottingham has been teaching children to protect themselves against bullying successfully for over 26 years.  He also does it for free. 
He continues, "We are dedicated to helping Phoenix families learn how to protect children from bullying, improve peer acceptance and respect, redefine relationships, and enjoy peace of mind."
Specializing in bullying prevention, conflict avoidance and peace education, John Nottingham has been trained by some of the best including Gavin de Becker, leading expert on situations that might lead to violence and the best selling author of The Gift of Fear.
Nottingham points out that conflict avoidance bullying prevention are a set of skills that can be learned.  They include communication, problem solving, emotional management and some clever techniques that shift power from the child bullying to the target of bullying."
This anti-bullying program teaches children to develop the inner strength–and the practical mindset and skills needed to thwart bullying.
FREE Bullying Prevention Program
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