Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Deal With a Bully's Attacks, Taunts, Insults, Rumors, Teasing, Torment, and Harassment

How To Deal With a Bully's Attacks, Taunts, Insults, Rumors, Teasing, Torment, and Harassment 
What will your child do when they have tried everything that they have been told to do about bullying and it still fails?
What Will Your Child Do When. . . 
  • There is no teacher around.  (The majority of bullying goes on when teachers aren't looking or around.)
  • There is no security, parents or person to protect them.
  • There is no escape. (Children trapped in a locker room, on a bus, or pinned cannot "just walk away".)
  • They are faced to face with a determined bully and being harassed, tormented, picked on or abused.

Are You Looking For Practical Solution to Bullying?

5 Steps To Handle a Bully
If you're looking for a way to keep your child from being bullied, picked on harassed or attacked by meaner, bigger kids, then this program is for you.  This isn't a program by some ivory tower pencil pushers who have no idea how to function in the real world other than hiding or begging someone else for help and praying you'll make it through another day.  

A Bodyguard Approach To Bullying
Instead, this is a program that will ARM a child for school and life on how to handle bullying with confidence, inner-strength and dignity.  But don't worry, it also teaches compassion and empathy so they won't become a bully.  In fact, they will learn to value peace, kindness, respect and noble strength.

John Nottingham's 5 Steps To Handle a Bully The Peaceful Way will give your son or daughter the ability to defend themselves against the school bully with practical bully self defense when all else has failed.
  • When They Have Tried Just Walking Away 
  • When They Ignore It and Still Get Picked On
  • When They Have Tried Being Nice
  • When They Have Tried Telling a Teacher
  • When They Have Tried Telling a Parent
  • When They Have Nobody There To Help Them or Tell Them What To Do

What Will Your Child Do When They Feel All Else Has Failed?
Some children resort to turning all that torment inward.  Rage turned inward can become depression and sadness.  Others might over react and take their feelings of anger and rage to extremes.

"Over the past 20 plus years, I've seen the children who the system has failed.  Many of the new anti-bully programs are failing children as well.  Often kids feel trapped, abandoned and alone.  Some begin to hide it and just say everything is OK, all the while they are suffering in silence.  Fortunately, we have solutions and effective answers that have worked for thousands of other children.  That's why I created the Bullying Prevention Initiative International, to share what I have learned with other teachers, parents and coaches.  It works and you can see immediate results."  - John Nottingham

Be a part of the movement to bring common sense to bullying prevention and teach the fundamentals of conflict resolution, self defense and living life with peace of mind.

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