Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 Reasons USA Martial Arts Phoenix is Great for Children

The benefits of training in a good martial arts school with a caring, qualified teacher are many. Here are seven reasons that USA Martial Arts Phoenix is GREAT for Children.

1. USA Martial Arts Phoenix is more than kicking and punching. From teamwork, social skills, and reinforcing strong values, the martial arts is a trusted and proven source for parents to raise great kids. USA Martial Arts Children learn goal setting, compassion, kindness, good manners, and strong social skills.

2. USA Martial Arts Phoenix instructors have unique experience and contagious enthusiasm. USA Martial Arts Phoenix has a positive atmosphere where a YES I CAN attitude is part of each class. The instructors have experience to share time-honored wisdom and lessons that apply directly to daily life.

3. Teaching kids to develop a healthy, active lifestyle is fundamental at USA Martial Arts Phoenix. This goes a long way to preventing excessive weight gain, illness and other modern living challenges. Plus the legendary strength training, coordination and flexibility make it perfect cross-training for getting the edge in other sports such as baseball, soccer, and football. Plus, at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, nobody sits on the bench because every student is the star player.

4. Children learn to focus their energy in a positive way at USA Martial Arts Phoenix. Kicking, punching, running, jumping and building coordination provide a positive outlet for active kids. That's why Martial Arts is the number one recommended program for ADD, and ADHD children by therapists and experts.

5. USA Martial Arts Phoenix instills in children an inner-strength that builds confidence and strong self-esteem. USA Martial Arts Phoenix children learn to stand up for their values and be the leaders of their peer group instead of the compliant followers trying to fit in and go with the group.

6. Children at USA Martial Arts Phoenix learn to be respectful and concentrate so that they are first time listeners at home, and faster learners at school. We believe that self-respect is the fruit of self-discipline and martial arts is legendary for instilling self discipline and self control. Teachers love USA Martial Arts Phoenix because strong academic performance is encouraged.

7. USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches safety skills that give parents and children peace of mind. Children learn how to deal with bullying, stranger abductions, and practical self defense that really works for the street. The lessons teach common sense before self defense and emphasize non-violent resolutions to conflict. However, when push comes to shove, USA Martial Arts Phoenix students learn the skills to protect themselves when they have to.

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