Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Most Powerful Bullying Prevention Technique - Plus Free Bully Prevention Workshop in Phoenix AZ

One of the most powerful ways to help children learn how to deal with bullying behavior is often the one last thought of.

In my BULLY PROOF VEST program, "How To Defeat The Bully Without Fighting" I incorporate a multi-pronged approach and a proven five-step method. This Bully Prevention Program really works and gives children, parents and teachers the tools to know how to deal with a bully. It combines best practices, research and my personal experience in helping thousands of children protect themselves from bullies and bullying behavior.

Help Prevent Bullying By Listening
The strategy begins with getting to know the child and really listening. This is an important step for parents, teachers or protective mentors of the bullied child because it builds trust and sends a message to the child that he or she is valued. A child is far more likely to feel comfortable asking for help or telling a parent or teacher when you have open communication. We also need to clearly identify the specific context because each situation is different and needs to be treated as such.

Research shows that children with higher confidence, greater self-esteem, and more advanced social skills are far less likely to be the victim of bullying behavior. If they are bullied, these children have the best chance of managing and often resolving the bullying situation on their own.

The Bully Prevention Secret #1
The first of the five steps of our program is to make friends. My first martial art teacher taught us a very useful lesson in self defense and preventing bullying. He said, "Have no enemies."
The key here is to develop the social skills and emotional separation to see beyond the hurt feelings. It takes power away from the bully. Making friends also force multiplies for the bullied child. When you have more friends, you are less likely to be alone and more likely that your friends may speak up for you.

Parents and teachers can encourage friend winning behavior in their children. This helps them feel happy, secure and empowered. It also has some very good benefits when it comes to handling a bully or dangerous situations.

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Bully Prevention Workshop for Phoenix AZ Children, Parents and Teachers
October is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month. To celebrate, we are offering free bully prevention training to any boy, girl, parent or teacher.
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