Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Parents and People Say About USA Martial Arts Phoenix. The Truth About USA Martial Arts Arizona.

There is a lot of talk about martial arts for children instilling strong character, confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills. But is it really all it's cracked up to be or just a lot of marketing hype? Take a look at one of the most talked about martial arts schools in Phoenix Arizona as a video crew from Florida is given full, never before seen access to USA Martial Arts Phoenix and a unique instructor named John Nottingham. His literature says he is a 6th Degree Black Belt Master and has trained all over the world. But is he legit? Is he who he says he is?

Discover what the parents and students have to say... the good, the bad and even the ugly. You'll hear it from the mouths of people who have trained there, earned Black Belts and even the staff. You'll even hear from people who didn't. The cameras roll as parents talk candidly about their experiences and their children after joining martial arts.

Have you seen outrageous claims like these?
  • Better academic performance and grades improve
  • Bully prevention training and practical safety skills
  • Reduced outbursts, better self control and discipline
  • Increased respect for self and at home and school
  • Confidence building that other sports and children's activities can't provide
  • Leadership skills that give an edge in the workplace
  • Improved chances for College scholarships and University selection
  • Positive friendships and powerful networking
Just another belt factory out to get your hard earned dollars?

Is this a McDojo designed as just another kids activity?

Does any real significant difference exist in Karate Dojos and Martial Arts Schools anyway?

Now you have an all access pass to find out about the truth about USA Martial Arts Phoenix and the exploding popularity of martial arts as a way to nurture the next generation of US citizens. Does it really give them an edge that sports and school cannot? Does it really do all the positive things martial arts ads claim or is it just sales hype.

You decide.

Student and Parents Tell The Truth about John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts. Providing professional group and private martial arts and seld defense instruction to men, women, children and families in Scottsdale, Glendale, and Gilbert Arizona. Brought to you by

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