Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Trick or Treat - Be Wise, Worry Less

Our friends at Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International has launched a One Million Safer Kids Campaign. Violence Against Young People — All Kinds and Too Much
The organization specializes in building awareness through education and interactive training.

After 22 years of providing safety education through Kidpower, we’ve seen again and again how a few simple skills can stop most attempts of bullying, abuse, kidnapping, and other violence. Violence Against Young People — All Kinds and Too Much

The organization has also issued an article for Halloween and keeping your kids safe.

Stay Aware: The Halloween “Trick” what will “Treat” you and your family to safety all year long

In the article they share some important safety tips that include avoiding the "illusion of safety". These are important lessons that we at USA Martial Arts Phoenix teach and advocate.

Safety does not take a holiday. Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere and distractions of holiday activities fool you into getting trapped by the Illusion of Safety. Stay aware of where your children are, whom they are with, and what they are doing.

We also want to remind you that this is a great teachable time for you and your children. All life is risk. While we must be vigilant at times like Halloween and trick or treating, we must remember that children are at greater risk from harm from people they know. It is those we refuse to suspect that are usually the ones we need most to suspect.

During this Halloween holiday with trick or treating, parents have the opportunity to help your child develop great safety skills by learning to trust their natural survival instincts, their intuition and make better choices. Remember that privacy and control are the setting for abuse. We recommend that you take them out trick-or-treating and show them how to build strong safety habits. Teach them how to talk to people, introduce themselves, recognize potentially dangerous situations, access help, get attention, and build confidence.

Teach Your Child Stranger Danger? Think Again.

Rather than instill in children a fear of strangers or ad worry to their lives, instead, teach them how to engage and assess people they meet. Instead of "don't talk to strangers", teach them how to talk to strangers and trust their safety habits and "Gift of Fear". These lessons can serve them for the rest of their lives. Then your child can live without worry, anxiety and can have confidence and power.

Take this time to build a relationship and open dialog where your child knows they can talk to you about safety subjects such as bullying, inapropriate touching, abductions, cyber crimes and the dangers that exist in our world. It can be as easy as integrating the lessons into every day life, much the same as you would teach them how to safely cross the street. It need not be alarmist or cause a child unwarranted fear, worry and stress.

Our recommendation is to monitor, role play and inspect what you expect from your child. Teach them to honor their true Gift of Fear (prompted by things from their environment, not from imagination or memory) and take action on it. This gives you the ability to help them along the way as a safety advocate and guide their steps to good self-defense habits.

Book recommendations:

The Gift of Fear

Protecting The Gift

For more tips and information on safety, bullying prevention, abduction prevention (we don't advocate the 'stranger danger' approach), and common sense safety, contact us at:

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The Arizona Bullying Prevention Project

Yours for happy, healthy, safer kids,

John D. Nottingham, EPS, PI

USA Martial Arts Phoenix

The Arizona Bullying Prevention Project

Nottingham Sword and Shield Security Bodyguards

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