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Childrens Karate Programs Taekwondo 4 Children Phoenix Arizona Build Inner Strength

Children's Karate Programs in Phoenix

Millions Of Children Have The Potential to Succeed in
School and in Life, But                                                                                               Some Never Discover It….

Don’t let Your Child Be One of Them.

Have You Ever Seen What Happens to a Child When He or She Is Lacking in….

  • Self-Esteem to Truly Believe They Can Become Anything They Set Their Mind To.
  • Internal Confidence to do what they know is right when they are Undoubtedly Put To the Test.
  • Mental Toughness To Know How to Stand up to Bullying Behavior Without Violence.
  • An Ability and Know-How And Constant Practice To Set and Achieve Short, Intermediate and Long Term Goals.
  • Physical Fitness That Will Help Them Feel Good About Their Body and Participate In Any Sports Activity That They Want To Play.
  • Concentration Skills Maintain Excellent Grades At School.

Dear Phoenix Parent,

I don't think you're reading this letter by accident.

Let me introduce myself, my name is John Nottingham, Child Development Security Specialist
and Founder of USA Martial Arts Phoenix Best, a Children's Character Education Program. 

I teach children like yours how to maximize their physical and mental potential while learning the positive self protection skills that comes from a well rounded and scientific martial arts program

I’m also a 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a coach of National Champions and a founder of the Bully Proof Vest bullying prevention program in numerous school districts. I realize you don’t know actually know me, yet I’m writing because I wanted to give you this opportunity before it’s too late.

My staff and I have been teaching families and children like yours at our Phoenix Martial Arts centers for over twenty years.  We can boost your child’s level of confidence, focus and respect. So much so, they will become unstoppable!

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, with what we teach, not only will your child want to achieve these powerful qualities; we will guarantee that it will help him or her improve their young lives! They will gain a level of self confidence that will make them truly unstoppable.

In fact, we’ll be giving your child skills that will EMPOWER them to become a TOP PERFORMER.   Skills like Goal Setting, Self Control and Self Discipline.

You may think some kids are just born “high achievers”, but that’s not true!! Let me tell you, they’re not born that way, they’re made that way. Here’s how:

  • Healthy Respect for Self and Others. Your child will learn true respect starts with self respect. They will understand the habits needed to be a respectful person.
  • Improved Focus. Your child will develop powerful listening habits. Once they’ve learned what’s needed, they will have the skill to “zero in” on a given task, unaffected by distraction.
  • Fearless Self Confidence. Your child will have the courage to open any door life has to offer… all without fear! This could help them excel in sports they’ve never tried and might even help them to get that scholarship to Harvard.

Maybe your experience as a parent tells you it takes years to develop these wonderful assets. I sympathize with that thinking. It is my personal experience, from seeing thousands of children benefit from our award-winning approach that I truly believe you will find your child benefiting from our training right from the get-go, after the very first lesson!

Finally, USA Martial Arts Phoenix Best Training will teach your child to protect themselves, and not in the hard-core, violent way you see in the movies or on television. For example we teach:

  • Common-sense self-defense strategies on how to avoid dangerous people and situations
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques that allow your child to live and interact with others, in peace and harmony.
  • A simple, but often overlooked, skill that guarantees to stop your child from losing confidence. I’m talking about the most important factor that stops your child from being bullied… but get this: We’ll be teaching your child the anti-bullying skill in the very first of your child’s two lessons.


Your child – at ease and confident – making new friends easily – tackling challenges with confidence and excitement – eager and excited – to experience all that life has to offer.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some parents just like you have to say about USA Martial Arts Phoenix…

“The young people who have studied Martial Arts under Master Nottingham have so much to offer the world.”
~JoAnne Ramirez, Mother

“We must have visited every school in the area, and for us there was no comparison. USA Martial Arts is clearly the best.  USA Martial Arts is the best thing we've ever done for our sons.”
~Dr. Tim & Cathy Lukavsky

I just finished reading the book Living the Martial Way. After reading the chapter on the Ideal Master, I realized that is exactly what we found in Sabumnim (Master Nottingham) and the wonderful instructors at USA Martial Arts. Chance couldn’t have brought us to a better school.”
~Mrs. Dawn Martin
The entire Martin family are members of the Leadership Program

“Being a part of this organization improved Gaby’s discipline, self esteem and physical ability. She took on and developed leadership qualities, and has acquired an enormous amount of respect for herself and others.”
~Arturo Gonzalez, M.D. Pediatrician

“Brian has improved very much since starting the USA Martial Arts program. He now makes his bed, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed on time without complaining. He even helps out around the house. Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir are a new part of his vocabulary. Thank you very much!”
~Mr. & Mrs. Leggett

“This Kids Karate Program Transformed My Son’s Life!…”
“I’d like to know the percentage of Martial Arts schools that honestly and sincerely
teach virtue, code of honor and back it up in the behavior of the staff and students. That’s why I chose USA Martial Arts when I was looking for a school to enroll my son. I passed six other martial arts schools because of the balanced emphasis on character and what I saw in the instructors.”-Ms. Karen Tucker,
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

“Master Nottingham is an amazingly gifted teacher who cares for his student like no other instructor I have met. His skills are incredible and his martial arts knowledge is extremely deep. I would highly recommend training with Master John Nottingham. He is a Masters Master.”
-Anthony Miles

Since Daniel has been in your program, he has been a changed young man. He listens to his Mom and Dad, and he does his chores after asking him only once. He keeps his room in order, as well….He is a great student and was Student of The Month in September. He loves to come to Karate class and his mother and I still have a hard time getting used to being called Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am. We are very proud of him and we appreciate everything and everyone here who has touched his life for the positive.
-Mr. & Mrs. Mariotti, parents of Daniel

Nathen’s self-confidence has improved a great deal and he is overcoming his social fears. Just last weekend he climbed a wall over 60 feet tall on our family rock climbing day. He has never reached the top before. He was very proud but not boastful.
-Ms. Penny Medlock, mother of Nathen
Right now you might be asking, “How can I know for sure your programs will work for my child?” Well, I have a great no-risk solution for you…

USA Martial Arts Phoenix STRESS-FREE

You see, I am so sure that our program will benefit you and your child that I am offering you the opportunity to try our Black Belt Trial Program for this awesome WEBSPECIAL  (This is a savings of $130!) This Risk-FREE 100% money back offer allows you to “Audition Us” – to see if we can make good on the promises of lessons for your child.

Here is what you will receive when you sign up today…


Free Official USA Martial Arts Phoenix Uniform ($39 Value). Your child will instantly feel a part of our team. The uniform is theirs to keep… and they also make great pajamas too!

I have personally made it as easy and simple as possible for you to experience first-hand the benefits of what USA Martial Arts Phoenix Best Taekwondo Karate can offer your child WEBSPECIAL (a $180 value!). Your child has everything to gain and nothing to lose with our Introductory offer, backed by a 100% satisfaction, absolutely no strings attached, guarantee!

You might be asking yourself, “why are we making such an incredible offer, assuming all of the risk?” Well the reason is simple, because our program works! We’ve taught hundreds of children in this area and we are on a mission to share our program with families like you that value the benefits of what our program offers.

Here are several ways you can take advantage of our offer: To schedule your child’s first class-

1) Simply click here right now

We have staff waiting to answer any question and help you enroll in our Black Belt Trial Program.

2) Contact us here for an exclusive WEBSPECIAL.

Wishing you All the Best,
John Nottingham
Founder USA Martial Arts Phoenix
Children's Online Special
Child Safety Consultant and Founder of Bully Proof Vest™

P.S. 1 - Remember sign up now to take advantage of my Black Belt trial backed by a 100% satisfaction, absolutely No Strings Attached, Guarantee!
P.S. 2 - Hurry, our class times tend to fill quickly, to get the time that best fits your schedule please call now!

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