Friday, October 28, 2011

How a Unique Martial Arts School in Phoenix Teaches Kids Success Skills

How a Unique Martial Arts School in Phoenix Arizona Teaches Children Success Skills

Here’s a Proven Way YOUR CHILD Can Be More Successful and Develop Bully Proof Self-Confidence While Having the Time of Their Life!

Self-Confidence arises from ‘success imprints’ that were acquired early in life through some kind of positive life-experience. It comes from within and is imprinted their through past successes….Those fortunate people who were told by some important role model or mentor that they were bright, hard workers, or destined for success had a message imprinted onto their psyche, and most of the time have lived to fulfill that prophesy…. Anyone who has successfully achieved something that was thought to be difficult or impossible has experienced a success imprint.”Dear Friend,

These words come from Dr. Gene Landrum’s book 8 Keys to Greatness. In this excellent book Dr. Landrum studied the lives of men and women who rose to the top of their fields. Men and women like: Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Catherine the great, Frank Lloyd Write, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan. The book linked many common traits to each one of these great people, but that one paragraph stood out for me.

Do you see the significance of this paragraph? To me it means; Kids who experience success early in life can build on that success. How great is that to experience as much success as possible as early as possible so that it will be “imprinted” on your child’s mind.

You’d have to agree that when your child reaches their black belt the experience will make a significant success imprint on their minds. This imprint will stay with them forever. I’d have to say that’s what gives us professional martial-arts teachers the most satisfaction, it’s what makes the job so fulfilling!

The imprint on their minds will be that of accomplishment, perseverance, confidence, and self-esteem. They will at the very moment after getting their black belt tied around their waist feel that they have arrived! That’s the feeling they need to get a whole lot of when they are young. The world is a tough one and if we can make your child feel unstoppable then their going to take that feeling and have it imprinted on their minds forever. But that’s not it…

Over the years I’ve heard so many kids say that the day they reached black belt was the best day of their young lives. I could see how. And here’s what I’ve concluded; it’s so powerful because it doesn’t come easy. Reaching black belt shows a kid what they’re made of.

It doesn’t come quick. So many things come to fast these days, but reaching black belt is something that will take time and effort. Just like so many things that have value. And I think the main reason why a kid feels so darn good after reaching black belt is because at one time they may have not believed they could do it. Or someone else doubted they could do it. (Hopefully not a parent.) Remember this..

If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves. If they say to you “Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa I want to get my black belt!” What there saying is I have a dream, I have a goal, do you support me? And if you want to build their self-esteem even more you’d better say… “You can do it… let’s go for it…let’s set that goal!” How sweet it is when your child gets to taste that success! The day they reach black belt!

Dedicated to your child’s excellence,

John Nottingham, Master Instructor
Founder Bully Proof Vest Program

P.S. How we set the goal of Black Belt in our school is through the Black Belt Training Team or Mastery Training Team. The students and parents who set the goal are invariably the ones who reach it. And I can tell you from first hand experience, I was awarded my first Black Belt when I was a kid that it is a sweet experience that leaves a long lasting imprint of success in their minds. Every time I see a kid reach Black Belt I relive the experience and it is truly rewarding!

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