Monday, October 24, 2011

Five Tips To Stop Bullying for Kids

Hey Kids!
Do You Have Your Bully Proof Vest?

1. Show Your Inner-Strength. Be assertive in your thoughts, actions and body language, not aggressive or passive. Stand tall, strong and believe in yourself. Confidence, cleverness, and a sense of humor are powerful tools.

2. Be a hallway hero! Take a stand against bullying and stop it in it's tracks. You can be a hero to someone who needs your help. Be courageous enough to speak up, take a stand and get help.

3. Be a victor, not a victim. You are stronger than you think. Practice, role play, and get training. A good martial arts school is an awesome start. You are a unique creation with your own special gifts and abilities. You're worth protecting!

4. Surprise is the greatest technique of all. Do the unexpected like use humor, disappear, show confidence when then expect you to show fear. Don't get drawn into a conflict. Think like a Black Belt, "The battle avoided cannot be lost." Learn what makes you angry and take away the power of bullying.

5. Defend yourself when all else fails. Nobody has the right to hurt you and it's OK to protect yourself and stay safe.

Free bullying prevention workshop at USA Martial Arts Phoenix during the month of October. October is bullying prevention month. Contact to register and get your Free Guide To Bullying Prevention. Proven strategies developed by a bodyguard trainer to protect VIP's. Find out what they don't teach you at school.

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