Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eight Reasons our Martial Arts Program Work for Kids

USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley

Eight Reasons Our Programs Work

One: A Value Based CurriculumValues such as, non-violence, respect, honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, getting good grades in school, and proper behavior have been traditionally and still are the foundation of the martial arts and our classes. Children are taught that if they do their best they will be their best

Two: A Motivation Based CurriculumPositive attitudes are developed by our students as they set their goals to increase their skills and obtain their new belt levels. Positive reinforcement is given to each student to be all that they can be.

Three: A Leadership Based CurriculumKung Fu 4 Kids students are leaders. All of our students are encouraged to work with each other and share their knowledge and skills with students who need help. This gives each student an awareness of their own self worth and increases their self confidence. This transcends the martial arts school and manifests itself into daily life enabling each student to be a leader and not a follower.
Four: A Fitness Based CurriculumThe martial arts develop physical skills such as eye hand coordination, gross motor skills, improved balance, increase total coordination, and additional self confidence based on their newly learned skills.

Five: A Written CurriculumOur written curriculum is clearly detailed enabling both the students and their parents to follow the course of instruction and always know when their next promotion will be.

Six: ConvenienceWe have classes that will fit into almost any schedule. Our “After School Program” will even pick your children up at school.

Seven: A Family CurriculumOur wide range of programs enables the whole family to learn the Martial Arts and build a strong family structure.

Eight: A Caring StaffAll of our classes are taught by qualified, caring and enthusiastic teachers.

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