Friday, March 19, 2010

"USA Martial Arts:As a science it is a study of conflict, strategy, human behavior and the full scope of personal performance.
As an art it is a celebration of life through movement, expression and a cultural tradition. 
As a lifestyle, it is a philosophy and pursuit of noble character, virtue, health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. 
It studies the past, encourages being in the moment and looks optimistically toward the future."
-Master J. Nottingham, Moo Do Hwe Yu Dan Ja-The USA Martial Arts family Black Belt Manual

Master Nottingham & Mr. Goron, founders of USA Martial Arts with Action Film Star and World Champion Grandmaster Chuck Norris.  USA Martial Arts is proud to have sponsored the charity Kickstart (Kick Drugs Out of America).

"What makes USA Martial Arts special are the genuine,humble and friendly students who possess uncommon courage, character and inner strength."

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