Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Will my child have the confidence to succeed in life?

Many parents ask themselves, "Will my child have the discipline, confidence, and self-esteem to succeed in life?" The truth as thousands of parents have discovered is a resounding YES!!! 
At USA Martial Arts we have seen literally hundreds of children transform their actions and attitudes with our time-tested character building karate program.
You might ask, "How can karate teach values?" It depends on what's being taught. Merely learning to kick, block, and punch builds karate skills, which are important, but long-lasting change requires life skills

Most Schools Claim to Build Character but can't tell you exactly how they'll do it
Here's Exactly how USA Martial Arts will bring out the best in your child? Here are just a few.

You'll find this in our many character building programs featured in our school. The USA Martial Arts  team can proudly say that we truly have a system in place to help your child become an even better child. Most schools cannot show you let alone explain to you exactly how they'll teach your child to succeed.


The USA Martial Arts team has been teaching children karate for over 25 years. In that, time we have developed some character building programs which are the foundation of the USA Martial Arts kids program.
Watch as your child begins to grow in all areas of his or her life. You'll see them become more confident, self-disciplined, respectful, focused, and empowered to handle whatever obstacles life puts in their way.
A little story
A few years ago, an 11-year-old brown belt student named Alan was sitting on a railing about 15 feet off the ground when a boy pushed him backward over the railing. Because Alan knew karate, he had the reflexes to rotate his body and land in a safe position.
His father was so grateful for all he had learned in karate. He said, "Without a doubt, I believe Alan would have been hurt very badly had he not had his karate training." Alan went on to earn his Junior Black Belt.
The truth is a child's biggest challenge does not come from neighborhood bullies it comes from battling his or her own doubts and fears. Karate is about learning to defeat those things that stand in the way of your child's success in life. Feelings such as:

  • I'm not good enough

  • I'm not smart enough

  • I'm not attractive enough

  • I can't do it

  • I'm afraid
Another Little Story
Michelle was a very shy 7-year old that did well in karate but didn't speak very much. One day her mother came in and told us in a very excited voice that Michelle did a karate demonstration at her class' show and tell.
I told her that I thought it was wonderful that she showed her classmates what she learned in class. Her mother knew that I didn't understand how big an event this was because she exclaimed, "Michelle has not spoken one word in class since the school year began! She's so shy she won't play sports or go to birthday parties unless I'm with her! She's a different kid than the one who started taking karate 2 months ago!"
I invite you to come and see for yourself how USA Martial Arts can positively influence your child's life. For additional information and to take advantage of our introductory offer, fill in the fields below and the school manager will respond to your inquiry right away.

Thank you,

The USA Martial Arts Team

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