Friday, March 19, 2010

USA Martial Arts, energyONE Yoga Tai Chi

What is USA Martial Arts?
USA Martial Arts is a special place that offers individualized attention in a supportive atmosphere. We differ from the ordinary Martial Arts schools and health clubs and big club chains in many ways. Sure we offer state-of-the-art mats, equipment and training areas, but we are best known for our award-winning programming and caring instructors. Our focus is you and your family.  We offer our exclusive blend of martial arts as well as IMPACT (boxing,, Muay Thai kickboxing, personal protection strategy) MMA (mixed martial arts) Energy One (Yoga, T'ai Chi, Pilates, flexibility), personal training, and so much more! Each facility offers flexible schedules and lots of classes per week. We also have free parking and tailored service for all members.

What will I experience?
The class always begins with a courteous, warm greeting from our highly trained and caring staff. 
Then we begin to increase the circulation and the body’s innate energy with gentle movements and rhythmic breathing that stimulates both mind and body.
After that we take the body through a step by step therapeutic mobility process to open the joints, lungs and stimulate the body from head to toe.
Then we move into postures that build both flexibility and strength for that long lean toned muscle look.
Next we burn calories and fat through a ‘flow series’ that makes you feel great.
Finally, we return to our centered position and cool down with our relaxation therapy techniques while delivering an encouraging message for daily life.

You will finish having burned calories, built strength, flexibility, reduced stress, develop more body awareness, increased energy, stimulated your body systems including your mind, learned a strategy to enhance daily life, and enhanced your ability to move with balance and gracefulness.  We guarantee a positive improvement in creating peace of mind.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Whoever said that you can’t guarantee happiness clearly has never tried energyOne. 
We promise you’ll love every class, event and experience.  Guaranteed.

  • Mind
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Peace of mind
  • Decrease anxiety and feel happier
  • Feel centered and peaceful
  • Escape from the rat race for personal time
  • Self acceptance 
  • Feel encouraged

  • Support your bodies natural functions for a stronger immune system
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Stimulate body and mind for a better quality of life
  • Balance of body and mind
  • Improve circulation and energy
  • Better sleep and more energy throughout the day

  • Self awareness and acceptance
  • Greater empathy and compassion for others
  • Increase patience and understanding of differences
  • Promote self development and generosity

The success of USA Martial Arts programs are a direct reflection of founder Master John Nottingham’s pioneering spirit and genuine love for inspiring others. Master Nottingham opened the first USA Martial Arts (Taekwondo Academy) in 1992; his concept was revolutionary. He created a program that would not only help students manage stress, but also improve health, vitality and peace of mind. Master Nottingham’s program was strictly non-competitive, focusing on creating fun, positive experiences. The idea was to give participants the confidence and strategies they needed for a lifestyle of health and success.
Today's curriculum, still based on our founding mission, continues to be refined through the collective wisdom of the entire expert Board of Advisors team. By integrating feedback from a dynamic group with diverse backgrounds, energyONE® has set the standards for progressive health and fitness development. The USA Martial Arts long, successful history and proactive commitment to improve, allows clients to feel assured that they are giving themselves  the very best foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
USA Martial Arts® has now expanded to multiple locations, enabling us to make a difference in the lives of thousands and thousands of men, women and children.

EnergyOne is the product of John Nottingham’s vision.  A Master in the Martial Arts and founder of USA Martial Arts, John sought out the very best minds from around the world in various disciplines to create a lifestyle program for greater health and vitality.  Drawing on his experience in developing fun programs that people enjoy so they continue, he emphasized making it easy to learn for all ages and abilities, always progressing and changing to keep it interesting, burns calories, is anti-aging, and that creates a positive social environment while emphasizing encouragement and fun.

A practitioner of Yoga, Tai Chi and a lifetime practitioner of Martial Arts, he has studied and been certified in both martial and ancient healing arts. 

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