Friday, March 19, 2010

Martial Arts Self Defense Demonstrations, Shows, Speaking and Events

COMMUNITY SERVICE in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Arizona

You may have seen us on TV, at a school, or a major event. That's because Master John Nottingham and USA Martial Arts are active in our community.
Our thousands of students in various locations are required to give back to the community. From charity events like The Race For The Cure ,Evening BunRunHabitat for Humanity, to shows like The Arizona Diamondbacks Half Time Show, we have been proud to participate.
USA Martial Arts is available for speaking engagements, demonstrations for various events and shows. We have extensive experience in a variety of areas and topics.
Some of the events are complimentary to the community while others have fees accordingly, depending on availability and resources required.
Our staff, Black Belts and team of experts have specialized backgrounds including: education, personal training, rehabilitation, communication, medicine, executive protection, advanced threat assessment and more. We have years of experience and can customize an event, display or show targeted to your audience that helps you achieve your goals.
Whether you are planning an event on a grand scale or in a more intimate setting, from education and information to entertainment USA Martial Arts can help.

Contact us at 602-896-USA1 (8721) for details and availability.

"USA Martial Arts is proud to be a partner in education."
The Korean Eagles Taekwondo Demonstration Team
The Korean Eagles are one of Korea’s premier Martial Arts All-Black Belt Demonstration and Performance Teams.  Headed by Grandmasters Jung Hwan Jin and Chang Joo Park, the Eagles travel the world dazzling their audiences with high flying kicks and amazing feats of board breaking.  Master John Nottingham and USA Martial Arts have hosted the team for over ten years offering cultural exchange/educational opportunities and raising funds for childrens charities.  The Team was featured on KPHO Channel 5 News and KTVK Channel 3 News.   Mayor Mary Manross proclaimed the week of August 13 - August 19 as official Korean Eagle Teakwondo Demonstration Team Week.

"The Self Defense Mythbusters"
An entertaining and often humorous presentation designed to dispell common myths and misconceptions about practical self defense for men, women and children.  Self Defense Mythbusters is based in Scottsdale Arizona and was founded by Security Expert John Nottingham.  A Martial Arts Master Instructor, he uses basic elements of the scientific method to test the validity of urban legends, popular beliefs, internet rumors, and news stories in popular culture.
  • Corporate Speaking
  • After school programs
  • Gym teacher for a day
  • Self Defense & Personal Protection
  • School talks
  • Bully Busters "How to defeat the BULLY without fighting"
  • Avoiding Drugs, Gangs and unhealthy peer pressure "Aim Higher"
  • School violence
  • Stranger Safety "Escape School 101"
  • The ABC's of Conflict Avoidance
  • Safety Fairs "The Biggest Lies In Self Defense"
  • Block Watch
  • Show and tell
  • Field Trip to USA Martial Arts
  • Birthday parties (on or off site)
  • State fair
  • Parades
  • Malls
  • Corporate fairs
  • Civic, social and church groups
  • Scouts (Master Nottingham is an Eagle Scout)
  • Sports teams "Victory with Honor", "Fighting Fit Flexibility", Samurai Sportsmanship
  • Improve grades, focus, concentration "30 Days To Easier A's"
  • Respect for teachers
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Being a true champion
  • Conquer fear, Breakthrough limitation "Believe & Achieve"
  • Living Values
  • Character does Count
  • Womens Perspective on Safety
  • Family protection
  • Home invasion
  • Carjacking
  • Travel safety
  • Weapons of opportunity
  • Self defense products (Pepper spray, mace, stunguns, keychains, etc.)
  • Becoming a Harder Target
  • Manners Matter
  • Yes I Can Confidence, Bullet-proof Confidence
  • Team building
  • Life purpose and inspiration
  • Appropriate use of force
  • Harder Targets
  • Security Inspections & Assessments
  • Site surveys
  • Tactical Training: Law Enforcement/security, Military and more

We will customize a program and tailor it to your needs, goals and event.  We would be honored if you would give us the opportunity to serve.  Some of our training is even complimentary.  Contact USA Martial Arts today to find out more.

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