Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Class Education & Experience at USA Martial Arts new Paradise Valley Phoenix School

Exclusively at USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Phoenix

We continually strive to host the finest trainers, Champions Masters and Grand Masters to present a variety of educational opportunities for both staff and students.

Some of our guests have included: 

  • Four time Judo Olympian Mike Swain
  • World Champion David Douglas (West Coast Demo Team)
  • Dan "The Beast" Severn, UFC Hall of Famer and wrestling legend
  • Mixed Martial Arts UFC Champion Ricco Rodriguez
  • Jean Jacques Machado (Chuck Norris Brazilian Jiu-jutsu teacher - cousin of the Gracies) 
  • Kenpo Shihan Dave Kovar 
  • Dr. Steve Stewart, Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure point KO) and Kenpo Master 
  • Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts leader Paul Vunak (Navy SEAL trainer, trained by JKD Dan Inosanto), 
  • Wade Allen (Jennifer Lopez' Krav Maga trainer) and more.  

Our staff has attended training with such legends as: Tom Cruse (Jeet Kune Do SEAL Trainer) Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, Kickboxing World Champion Benny "the Jet" UrquidezBill "Superfoot" Wallace, and Joe Lewis, full contact San Shou Champion Cung Le, stuntman "Judo" Gene LaBelland UFC Champion Royce Gracie and others. 

Although physical skills are important, our primary focus is personal achievement - excellence in character building and successful life skills through martial arts.  Students may not be attacked physically everyday, but most everyone is attacked mentally or emotionally. USA Martial Arts training is specifically designed to prepare students for day-to-day challenges they encounter and arm them with the attitude, inner strength, confidence and skills to prepare for success in any endeavor.

USA Martial Arts has trained in China at the Shaolin Temple, Korea and soon Japan.  What other school can offer so many rewarding experiences and benefits?  Check out USA Martial Arts PV today to see if it right for you.                                                                                    

The Stancill Family
"...if you really want to change your life this is where you should start...physically, emotionally- they have given us a gift; and they've been sent by God." -Barb Stancill, personal trainer, Mother of Makenzie and Tyler
Peoria, Arizona

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