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If you want to learn martial arts, it would be an honor to teach you

If you want to learn martial arts, it would be an honor to teach you

We love martial arts and would be happy to share our experience with you.
On our website you can learn about our school and what your experience would be like when you practice martial arts here. In short, you'll learn practical martial arts in a phenomenal community. By coming here, you can get fit, learn martial arts from multidisciplined martial artists, make new friends - and have fun too!
Are you already interested in learning a particular martial art? If you are, great, give us a call. If you're not sure which martial art is right for you, no problem. Simply phone us for your
Free Martial Arts Phone Consultation
(602) 896-8721 (our Tatum Greenway PV location) or

USA Martial Arts Students Training at The Shaolin Temple in China

You may be wondering what makes us different? We are

The ONLY Arizona Martial Arts School
Offering Training in Fighting Systems
From All Over the World

Dan "The Beast" Severn, UFC Hall of Famer MMA & Wrestling Champion teaching at USA Martial Art Paradise Valley Scottsdale Phoenix

USA Martial Arts is unique. We were founded with a philosophy the embraces and respects ALL martial arts.

At the time, this was a very different way of thinking. Students at USA Martial Arts Academy have the opportunity to learn from the best in all martial arts. At our our school you can learn

  • Nottingham Blend
  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Tai Chi
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • Jeet Kun Do PFS JKD
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Kung Fu Wushu
  • Kyusho jitsu [Pressure Point Fighting - 1 Second KO]
  • Streetfighting Defense
  • Kali Escrima Arnis
  • JuJitsu / BJJ
  • Self Defense
  • Hapkido (Korean Judo Jujitsu)
  • Wing Chun
  • Aikido
  • Tang Soo Do Mu Duk Kwan
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Lissajous Do Ryu Weapons System
Plus we offer a complete weapons training service from Sword, Nunchaku, Bo staff, Sai, Tonfa, knife and more.

Imagine this: You instinctively know what to do in ANY situation

By training in USA Martial Arts, you will learn to use whatever the situation calls for, without thinking about it.

In one Integrative Martial Arts (MMA designed for self-defense) class you may learn how to defend against a punch (boxing), handle someone who grabbed you (aikido or judo) and how to avoid an attack with a weapon (kali). In the next Blend class, you may learn powerful knees (muay thai), what to do if you're fighting close up (wing chun or jun fan) and what to do if you are falling to the ground during a fight (capoeira).

You may also choose to practice a specific martial arts discipline. We offer boxing, tai chi, muay thai, jun fan, kali and more. Phone for current Class Information or stop by to view a class.

Train here and you'll learn how to deal with any situation. No matter what is thrown at you, you'll learn to act quickly and effectively. 

USA Martial Arts Demo at Diamondbacks Game Phoenix

No other martial arts school trains you like this

If you wanted to learn the best from many martial arts without coming here, you'd have to go to a karate school, then a boxing gym, then judo dojo, then wing chun class, then kali class and travel the world... Imagine the time and expense of going to many different schools to learn how to defend yourself in any situation. Yes, you will learn a lot here.

Whatever your skill level is right now, you can learn great new skills and have fun here. If you're a Beginner with no martial arts experience, don't worry. Some of our beginners say they're uncoordinated, but you should see them after a few months.
In each class, you're practicing at your pace and skill level. Each time, you're building your muscle memory and each time, you're getting better and faster. Your skills and confidence will build. Our classes are adults practicing with adults, children practice in separate classes.

John Nottingham with Grand Master Chuck Norris, World Champion & Film Star

Why Our School?

Phoenix is a big city with several martial arts schools. Why choose our school?

  • Whether you're a beginner or advanced student, you are welcome here.
  • Because when you compare schools, you'll see that no school compares with our expertise, our approach and our facilities.
  • Because you will learn effective technique from the most highly-skilled, multi-disciplined martial artists
  • Because you can choose to attend special seminars taught by world class masters and champions around the globe
  • Because you'll practice in a positive atmosphere, devoted to individual development
  • Because you will learn something useful each class
  • Because you'll learn martial arts safely
  • Because you will tone and strengthen your muscles
  • Because you can relieve stress
  • Because your confidence will build
  • Because you can learn individually or as a family
  • Because children are our specialty

We know the difference martial arts training has made for us. It will make a positive difference for you too.

It's easy to get started.
Just phone one of our two locations.
Schedule your no-obligation tour now. You're welcome to leave
your name and phone number during non-business hours, so you can phone us at any time.
Email questions to:

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