Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Help! My child needs more confidence! - PART THREE

Action Plan
It’s not very useful to tell a child to avoid a bully if you can’t tell the child how to do so.
Children need to understand there is a very specific course of action to be taken in dangerous situations.
Does your child know exactly what to do if he or she is being harassed by a bully? Do they know what to do if approached by a stranger?
If you have specific instructions, discuss them with your child on occasion. In cases like this, knowledge is power indeed.
It’s one thing to hold the keys to helping your child build confidence. It’s another thing, though, to start the motor and make it happen.
Many of these time-tested principles are difficult for parents to implement alone. They take time, effort and constant reinforcement.
Here’s where martial arts can help. The group dynamics, our positive approach and our strong moral code help foster the skills that will last a lifetime.
Martial Arts builds confidence
If your child is shy, it might be hard to imagine him or her putting on a uniform, stepping onto the mat and learning martial arts.
Martial arts instructors understand this fear and can turn such experiences into powerful lessons of empowerment.
Martial arts instructors undergo extensive training. They know how to build an excellent rapport by offering plenty of praise and encouragement.
It is their job to bring out the best in every child.
Martial Arts deters bullies
Martial arts schools teach children exactly how to make the bullying stop — and it doesn’t involve fighting. Martial arts builds confidence.
Along with the martial arts skills, children learn how to deflect verbal and physical confrontation through role-playing exercises and guidelines.
Martial arts students learn how to be in control during such situations – so on the playground, bullies get the message.
Confident, strong and happy — We all have a strong vision of how we want our children to turn out.
The decisions we make today have great bearing on our children’s futures. A child who is insecure today is susceptible to negative peer pressure in the future.
Martial arts provide positive experiences for children, and offers tangible goals and rewards that help them stay focused.
Having strong, positive role models – from the instructors to the higher-ranking students – helps reinforce the values parents are working to teach at home.
We call it a Black-Belt attitude. It is both our goal – and our code of conduct.
If you’d like to learn more about how martial arts can improve your child’s self-confidence, please contact us.
If your child has low self-esteem or little confidence, martial arts training offers a great environment to help them build the confidence they will need to succeed at school and in life.
FOCUS & Confidence truly are two of the keys to Success in Life.
Children who train in the martial arts learn powerful focus and concentration skills that translate into better grades and better kids!

USA Martial Arts – Karate for Kids Programs
Childrens Karate, Taekwondo, Self Defense

We offer several Karate programs for children ranging from basic Taekwondo, Self-defense, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Child safety, Leadership, Fitness, life skills building and more.  

Over the years USA Martial Arts has come to realize that there are many reasons for studying Martial Arts and we have worked hard to develop programs that will help realize those goals.  A low Student to Instructor raio is maintained at all times to ensure that nobody gets lost in the crowd.  This has helped establish PARADISE VALLEY MARTIAL ARTS as a leader in the martial arts industry.  We are dedicated to enhancing the physical capabilities and maximizing the self-defense skills of all our students.

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