Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Resource Programs for Teachers, Educators

School Programs

USA Martial Arts is proud to be a partner in education
Dear Educator and Parents,
 We recognize and appreciate the dedication you have towards building a bright and successful future for the leaders of tomorrow, your students and children.
 Our instructors have the same high standards.  Character developmentconfidencerespect, and leadership are principles we teach our students.  You may even have one or more of our students in your classroom this year. Children learn not only from home, but  increasingly as they grow, from school, peers, and their extracurricular activities.  At USA Martial Arts PV / Scottsdale we make sure our students make educated decisions and good choices to help reinforce positive values.
Below are details on two proven programs we offer to local schools, The Be Your Best Program and Verbal Jiu-jitsu.  Contact us today for more information. 602.896.8721
We look forward to working with you on our common goal of making sure the leaders of tomorrow and successful and confident today!

Character Education:
The 'Be Your Best' After School Program
We thank you for taking a few minutes to read about raising money for your school. We are currently doing just that at local elementary schools and recreation departments.
We offer a Character Development Course which is a Fund Raiser called the “Be your Best Program”.
The structure of the program is as follows:
I. Introduction Day
As a guest gym teacher or a guest speaker in the classroom, we work with the assigned grade levels to create interest among the children.  We talk about the following:
1. Be a good listener and show respect for the Teachers
2. You are what you sound like—confidence in the classroom
3. Dealing with a Bully—using Verbal Tactics to deal with confrontation.
4. Check First
II. After school program, 5 classes (to be taught at your school)
1. Two classes a week, after school
2. Classes focus on respect, discipline, and focus skills.
3.  Parents contribute $19.00-$39.00 for the program, the cost is up to you. 100% of the fee is donated to your school
4. We volunteer our time for the entire program and donate supplies.
5. Kids have daily homework assignments that are discipline and character related.

You've heard of Verbal Judo for Police, try...
Verbal Jiu-jitsu
The Verbal Jiu-jitsu Program provides children and adults with tools which help resolve conflicts by controlling their responses and using specific word blocks.  These same concepts are used by police officers across the country to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.  Our staff has participated in the same training program slightly adapted to make the messages applicable to children.
The program is modifiable for all age levels, group sizes and time frames.  It would also makes a great round table discussion at your faculty or staff meeting.

What makes us unique?
USA Martial Arts founder is recognized as a self-defense security expert and trains law enforcement, security, and government agencies.  His consulting firm, Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, advises individuals and groups on situations that might escalate to violence.  
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is a fully licensed security agency with the State of Arizona DPS.


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