Friday, March 12, 2010

USA Martial Arts - Intelligent Art of Self Defense

USA Martial Arts—The Intelligent Art of Self-Defense

The self-defense strategy of the USA Martial Arts curriculum - Nottingham Method does not rely on brute strength to overpower the attacker, but rather teaches the student to use his mental abilities to assess the situation and decide what the best course of action should be. A student of USA Martial Arts is instructed on how to assess a situation before it has escalated to a point of serious danger.

Like an expert chess player, the USA Martial Arts practitioner learns how to predict what options and techniques his opponent has available to him and what actions he will then take to counter or preempt those moves. This is the very heart of the USA Martial Sciences known today more commonly as the USA Martial Arts strategy. It incorporates the sciences of applied physics of motion, anatomy, military strategy, deception, prediction like knowing the how assailants attack and the pre-cursors to violent assaults. Humans and the human anatomy behave in predictable patterns. USA Martial Arts students learn those patterns so they are better able to avoid dangerous situations and deter or thwart would-be attacks.

The USA Martial Arts practitioner does not get “caught off guard” He or she is trained to be alert and observant at the right times because they know what to look for. They are keenly aware of the important safety factors in their surroundings and how to use the terrain to their advantage; what locations will make them more vulnerable; what they can use to their benefit.

Using applied physics of motion, brute strength, athletic conditioning is less a necessity, so USA Martial Arts can be used successfully by not only large individuals, but by average sized and small people as well - including women and children. Practicing USA Martial Arts will improve strength for all and improve reflexes and mental alertness.

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