Friday, March 19, 2010

Fist, Knife, Club, Gun

IMPACT Fitness Self Defense
Personal Protection for the Modern World
(A better kind of insurance policy.)

"Isn't IMPACT just the greatest, I absolutely love it, in fact if I don't attend at least once a week I feel incomplete. 
-Don Gray,US Army Airborne

" great way of improving your endurance (especially those of you wanting to test) is by going to IMPACT. I have been going now for a few weeks and I am feeling healthier and stronger. Not only do you have the health benifits, but its a lot of fun. Thank you Master Nottingham and Ms. Templeman for teaching IMPACT and for throwing in the Yoga. My flexibility has improved already."
-Mrs. Rose Deguisne, Glendale

IMPACT is addictive!  It’s also unique, challenging and never boring.  I feel stronger and more confident than ever, and believe I now have the skills necessary to prevent myself from becoming a victim.
Sherri Strong

"It strikes four times faster than a king cobra, rivals the impact of a 35-mph car crash, and kicks more than 1,000 pounds of force. Yes, believe it or not, the human body is an elaborate weapon; just ask Hall of Fame Martial Arts Master John Nottingham..."

   Master Nottingham with Rigan and Carlos Machado, Chuck Norris trainers and cousins of the Gracies.  Their younger brother JJ Machado was a featured trainer at USA Martial Arts and grappled with each student.  USA Martial Arts was one of the first Arizona Machado Jiu-jitsu affiliates in 1998. 

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