Friday, March 19, 2010

Krav Maga Too Much? Try IMPACT MMA Kickboxing Fitness Self Defense

IMPACT Reality Based Fitness Self Defense
Fitness with Punch!  Exclusively at USA Martial Arts.
Tactical Combatives | Military Hand to Hand | Hand to Weapon Combat | Close Quarters Combat | Close Quarters Battle | Defensive Tactics Training | Law Enforcement | Security | Bodyguards | Military

What if you could combine the best of KickboxingYoga, Combat Conditioning, Tactical Fitness Training and powerful realistic Self Protection?  We did - then we made practical self defense training fun

Designed By Hand to Hand Combatives Trainers
IMPACT was designed by Martial Arts Master John Nottingham.  Combining his lifetime experience and training as a bodyguard, personal trainer (ACMA-Cooper Institute) and inspirational Master teacher, he developed this program for serious students of fitness and self defense. 

Military Hand to Hand Combat for Effective Street Self Defense
Drawing from the strengths of Krav MagaJeet Kune DoMuay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and street smart self defense, it is designed to bring you to a high level of personal safety and the best shape of your life in a very short period of time.  The key to 

Bodyguard Defensive Tactics
IMPACT is that you do not have to spar full contact with one another.  Instead you get to use full power on bags, shields and state-of-the art gear for realism.  Plus you are given the respect you deserve.  The advantage is that it is conducted in a fun atmosphere where your safety and comfort are a priority.

IMPACT intense fitness self defense is perfect for busy professionals or those who want to take their defense and fitness to the next level.


IMPACT stands for Intense, Mental, Physical, Applied Conditioning Training.
Members will learn how to condition the body and mind to instantly respond to gun, knife, and club attacks. It is reality based self defense at its very best. You will know how to effectively and mehtodically respond to chokes, holds, punches and kicks and the most common street attacks.
"IMPACT is intelligent, no-nonsense defense." -John Nottingham, founder

IMPACT training is a cutting-edge total mind and body conditioning system that develops real world self protection skills and incorporates state of the art strength, flexibility and cardio building. Whether your goal is to develop the confidence to protect yourself quickly or get ripped in record time, IMPACT offers you very best in results based training. IMPACT's high energy classes are one of a kind.
"A very intense workout-and fun if you like fast results and a challenge!"

IMPACT features fast tempo music, high energy instruction, real world personal protection skills and lots of bag slammin’, aggression releasin’, heart poundin’, body sculpting drills keep youmotivated, sweating and smiling. Get the body of your life while having the time of your life!
"We created an environment where everyone feels welcome and has a high level of safety.  Everyone has to check the ego at the door.  This is for mature, responsible individuals who want to learn.  Members aren't just a number and we partner with them to accomplish realistic goals. Combine those things with lots of positive encouragement and that's what makes it so fun."

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