Sunday, March 21, 2010

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Offers Old Twist on MMA

UFC Champ Dan "The Beast" Severn teaches USA Martial Arts Smiling Kids Submission Wrestling in a gentle, fun manner.  He may be "The Beast" but he's also a father and highly experienced coach.  

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Paradise Valley -North Scottsdale offers an Old Twist on MMA

While most people consider MMA to be a new phenomenon, USA Martial Arts instructors have trained, competed and studied MMA and other “no-holds-barred” fighting methods since before the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1994. Due to the high risk of injury involved in MMA competition, most sport MMA fighters have short careers due to injuries and the training methods are ill fit for most individuals.  

While the popularity of MMA and events like the UFC are entertaining, the USA Martial Arts team does not agree with the image it portraits nor the ethical, cultural, historical and scientific education that often gets ignored.  We believe Martial Arts is an honorable pursuit that helps individuals overcome personal limitations and rise above petty inter-male violence for social ladder positioning.  We teach students to pursue personal excellence and overcome the enemies within.  USA Martial Arts is a place where we only fight for inner peace.  Here, violence is not celebrated, rather studied to be understood, avoided and used only for good.
USA Martial Arts has developed and refined a unique method of teaching beginners with little or no experience (even out of shape) how to learn MMA for self defense, fitness and recreation. Of course, we teach it with the use of weapons and make it practical for the street or daily life.  This is of particular value for those with physical limitations such as damaged knees, spinal issues or other pre-existing limitations.  Those individuals can often still participate in our program and achieve its highest levels - unlike an MMA gym focussed on winning competitions or dominating others.
Our instructors have in depth knowledge and experience in the more recently popularized Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Muay Thai Kick Boxing but more importantly, other, less publicly understood arts and systems that give non-pro athlete fighters the ability to succeed in fitness, self defense and enjoy the benefits of authentic MMA training as a recreation.  Instructors and guest teachers are carefully screened to make sure they protect USA Martial Arts men, women and children students and can teach them effective MMA without ego, intimidation or unnecessary risks to safety.   
USA Martial Arts does not focus on competition MMA, instead emphasizing individual growth, education and enjoyment rather than defeating others by points or a knock out.   
Here are just some of our All Star guests teachers who have taught at USA Martial Arts :
  • Jean Jacques Machado: Cousin of the Gracies and winner of "most technical grappler" award-winner ADCC
  • Rico Rodriques: Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) -TKO Arlovski and submit UFC legend Randy Couture
  • Mike Swain: Four Time Judo Olympian, Judo World Champion
  • Chris Lopez: "The Secret Weapon" MMA coach and trainer
  • Paul Vunak: Legendary JKD NAVY SEAL trainer, protege of Dan Inosanto, student of Rickson Gracie
  • Tom Cruse: Leading Filipino martial arts expert and specialist in streetfighting 
  • Dan "The Beast" Severn: UFC Hall of Famer, Wrestling and "No-holds Barred" cage fighting legend 
All of that training was brought directly to our students at our USA Martial Arts Academy.  Students who were willing to travel have experienced instruction from the likes of: UFC Champs: Frank Shamrock, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Gene LeBell, Royce Gracie, and many more. 

If this is the type of education you might consider for you or your family, contact us today.  We have an amazing family MMA program for fun, fitness and self defense in the Phoenix Paradise Valley - North Scottsdale area.

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