Friday, March 19, 2010

Paradise Valley Martial Arts Students Speak on MMA


USA Martial Arts students are known for being politeconfidentindividuals with integrity and humble inner strength.  That is because USA Martial Arts' ancient traditions encourage each student to strive to develop virtue and noble character.  They come from all walks of life, Doctors, Attorneys, Moms, Dads, athletes, and students of all ages,  and are quick to make friends and contribute to worthwhile causes.  There is a unique warmth at USA Martial Arts that must be experienced.  It comes from the genuine humility of its students.

Integrative Traditional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Students develop the respected punching attributes of a boxerblinding fast hand strikes,dynamic kicksthrowsprecision joint lockspressure points and are adept with various types of weaponry.  These attributes are combined with potent grapping skills like those found in Judo,Jiu-jitsu, and submission wrestling.  Students are also taught anatomy, health, nutrition, breathing, and healing techniques.  The education does not stop there.  Students learn culture, language, traditions, philosophy, etiquette, and practical safety, leadership and life skills.  They also learn the responsibility that goes with such powerful knowledge and develop the confidence to protect themselves and loved ones, even under stress, when it matters most.  It is through rigorous study, practice and introspection that the students develop a stronger sense of compassion and a greater regard for humanity.

The famous Chinese general Sun Tzu, author of the classic The Art of War, said that the greatest general is not the one who can defeat 100 enemies in 100 battles.  Rather, it is the one who can control things so well that the need to fight never arises.  We agree. 

USA Martial Arts students are equipped to handle virtually any situation, should the need arise.  More importantly, they develop the confidence to not have to fight, and the awareness and tactics to prevent it.  In essence, we teach a classical martial art, but with an eclectic blended approach to what is most effective for each individual.  All Martial Arts schools are NOT created equal.  What makes our system most uniqe is an exclusive learning process and teaching method only found at USA Martial Arts to tailor the techniques to all ages and abilities. 

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