Friday, March 19, 2010

Executive Boxing - Transform Yourself

USA Martial Arts Boxing Fitness Personal Training for Executives

Discover Why Boxers Are Some Of The Best Conditioned Athletes On Earth and Learn How You Can Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life Boxing Without Getting A BLACK EYE!!!

This isn’t some Tae Bo class, this is a REAL BOXERS WORKOUT, you’ll have your hands wrapped, you’ll jump rope, you’ll work out on our heavy bags, speed bags, focus mitts; we’ll work your abs and much much more... And don’t worry our highly trained Boxing Instructors will help you every bit of the way.  It's fun and easier than you think because you will learn step by step the fastest way possible.

Executive Boxing is a fun and rewarding way to relieve stress
and build your body into a lean and toned machine.  You will get into the best shape of your life while having a blast.  You can arrange classes for mornings, on your lunch break or when most convenient for you.  

Personal and group instruction available depending on location.  Click here to begin to discover the new you 100% Guaranteed Risk Free.

USA Martial Arts Executive Boxing Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale 602.896.8721

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